Pricing Overview:  

  1. Transparent and Honest Pricing:

At Amicus Homecare, our pricing model is straightforward, ensuring our clients can make decisions with full knowledge of the costs involved. 

  1. Tailored Care Costs:

Every individual has unique needs, and our pricing reflects this personalized approach. 

Whether it’s a single visit or up to 2 carers attending four times daily, we cater to diverse requirements. 

A basic care plan, for light domestic assistance or a safety check, begins at a modest £18.60 a week for a single weekday visit. 

For those requiring a daily touchpoint, a care plan with one carer visiting once daily for the entire week ranges between £130.20 and £230, depending on visit duration. 

Live-in care – which is a desirable alternative to going into a care home – starts at £1150 per week. This is significantly less than most care home fees. 

  1. Behind Our Pricing:

As a responsible care provider, we uphold ethical standards in all our dealings and that includes pricing. 

Our team members receive fair compensation, in line with the Living Wage Foundation’s guidelines. 

The charges encompass various aspects like travel, training, equipment, management and administration overheads, regulatory compliance, office costs, and insurance.   

  1. Flexible Commitments:

We value our people’s freedom of choice. There are no binding long-term contracts. Individual visits can be cancelled with just 24 hours’ notice, and for discontinuing regular sessions, just two weeks’ notice is required. 

  1. Travel Costs

 Our prices cover everything including the travel costs to and from visits. Any travel during the visit, such as for shopping trips, might have separate charges. 

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