Infection Prevention and Control Statement

Amicus Homecare Ltd

Overview of Infection Control Program

Amicus Homecare Ltd is committed to maintaining the highest standards of infection prevention and control to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients and staff. This statement outlines our infection control measures, policies, and procedures. Our infection control lead is Ms. Rachel Suttie, Deputy Manager.

Risk Assessment and Management

We conduct regular risk assessments to identify and manage infection risks specific to the homecare setting. These assessments help us develop effective strategies to mitigate potential infection hazards, ensuring a safe environment for our clients and staff.

Infection Control Policies and Procedures

Our comprehensive infection control policies and procedures include:

– Hygiene Practices: Strict hand hygiene protocols, use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and proper handwashing techniques.

– Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Appropriate use of gloves, masks, gowns, and other PPE to prevent the spread of infections.

– Cleaning Protocols: Regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, equipment, and client environments to minimize infection risks.

Training and Education

We provide ongoing training and education programs for our staff to ensure they are knowledgeable about the latest infection prevention and control practices. Training sessions are conducted regularly and cover topics such as hand hygiene, PPE use, and infection control protocols.

Surveillance and Monitoring

We have established procedures for monitoring and reporting infections. Data on infection rates and trends are collected and analyzed to identify areas for improvement. This information is reviewed regularly to ensure our infection control measures remain effective.

Audit and Review

Regular internal audits are conducted to assess compliance with our infection control practices. These audits are scheduled using a governance planner and are reviewed and signed off at the director level. Actions are taken promptly to address any issues identified during audits.

Reporting Mechanisms

We have clear protocols for reporting infections to relevant health authorities and regulatory bodies. Our incident reporting system ensures that infections are reported promptly and investigated thoroughly.

Outbreak Management

We have detailed plans and protocols in place for managing outbreaks of infectious diseases. These include communication strategies to keep clients, families, and staff informed during an outbreak, and measures to contain and control the spread of infection.

Improvement Plans

Our goals for the upcoming year include enhancing our infection control training programs, investing in advanced monitoring technology, and strengthening our infection control protocols. We are committed to continuous improvement in our infection prevention and control practices.


This infection control statement is communicated to all staff through training sessions, internal memos, and regular meetings. A summary is provided to clients and their families as part of our care plan documentation and is available on our website. We also share this statement with relevant regulatory bodies and local health authorities.


Amicus Homecare Ltd is dedicated to providing safe and effective care through rigorous infection prevention and control measures. We continuously strive to protect our clients and staff from infections and to maintain compliance with regulatory standards.

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